Not too long ago, homeowners had serious doubts about the advantages and practical application of artificial grass due mainly to mis-information about the product’s benefits.


Through technological advancements in manufacturing techniques and materials, artificial grass has redefined the industry by not only offering homeowners an aesthetically pleasing lawn, but one that helps the enjoyment and the wallet by conserving water while offering low maintenance when compared with traditional lawn care costs.


Quoting the figures from one of the largest suppliers of artificial turf, on average it takes 150,000 gallons of water per year to keep a 700 sqft. traditional lawn alive… WOW!!! Now consider that in Los Angeles 68% of water is consumed at the residential level, now imagine if more homeowners decided to go with an artificial grass lawn, what would California be saving in terms of precious water? Exactly, we should all be able to see the difference this could make.


Just the water conservation benefits alone, would be worth the switch in my mind, add the fact that the average homeowner spends $214-$322 on lawn maintenance services which includes mowing, cutting, weeding, trimming, buying and applying health hazardous pesticides.

What’s it all mean in terms of my actual Artificial Grass ROI???


Well here’s a simplified breakdown…

• Cost for a gallon of precious water approximately $.004 a gallon, costing you about $1.75 per day to water your 700 sqft. traditional grass lawn. That’s 436 gallons per year!

• Multiply that figure above by 1-year, or 365 days and the total tally comes to $635 for a year of just watering your lawn, not to mention your wasted time watching water evaporate.

• That’s not all! You forgot to add the maintenance and service costs which on average totals $300 per month, now you’re looking at approximately $4,235 per year.


The average installation of an artificial grass lawn is about $9 per square foot. So, using that same 700 sqft lawn size we used above for the traditional lawn breakdown, total cost of installing an artificial grass lawn would total $6,300 which you’d see a return on your investment within 2 years.


Switching to an artificial grass lawn not only removes the burden of maintenance costs and services but think of the time you get back because you have a life to live. Artificial turf provides homeowners with a beautiful landscape, at times a higher-resell value, with little to no maintenance. Some installers offer a 15-year guarantee and it is recommended to go always go with a company that is licensed, bonded and insured. For our list of recommended or BEST Turf Companies in your area, send an email request to info at

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