What makes the Artificial Turf Report (ATR) different from other review sites? ATR Accreditation?

Other business directories and review sites offer an online space for customers to discuss their experiences with businesses, but do not offer a means for businesses to resolve any complaints. These websites simply do not deal with negative reviews and often allow one side of the story to be showcased. The Artificial Turf Report is different as we allow businesses to showcase their commitment to customer service and excellent business practices by agreeing to the Artificial Turf Report Code of Business Ethics and utilizing our platform to resolve any complaints while continuing to grow their business. Our on-site badging, member profile, press channel, and social media connectivity will help ensure that your customers and employees are reviewing your business on a website that encourages resolution and transparency.

How do I sign up for an Artificial Turf Report Verified Membership?

An Artificial Turf Report Verified membership can be created by submitting basic business information (i.e. company name, address, phone number, operating hours) and agreeing to the Artificial Turf Report Code of Business Ethics. Our team will confirm the business’ information and commitment to the Artificial Turf Report Code of Business Ethics, and they will authenticate the account. The ATR Verified badge, and Certified Member Profile will activated at that time. Further account options, such as a visitor stats account, will also become accessible. Join for a Artificial Turf Report Verified Membership today!

How can I get an Artificial Turf Report Verified Badge?

Your business is able to obtain the Artificial Turf Report Verified Badge by suggesting or claiming your business profile and agreeing to uphold the Artificial Turf Report Code of Business Ethics.

Upgrading from our Standard Membership to a Verified Membership account will unlock your Verified Member badge.

How Can Artificial Turf Report help my business?

We built Artificial Turf Report to correct the one-way conversation between consumers and businesses that the current review site environment encourages. A Premium Artificial Turf Report Verified membership allows businesses to build powerful customer relationships through online dialogue with consumers facilitated in our Review Resolution Center. In addition to consumer resolution, businesses can take advantage of SEO benefits, social media connectivity, blog and press release distribution channels, and badging. Join today for a Verified Artificial Turf Report membership!

Can I respond to a review?

Yes! We encourage businesses to respond to reviews, negative or positive, by using either our Review Resolution Center or leaving an Company Response to the review.

How do I maximize my business profile with the Artificial Turf Report?

Every account comes equipped with account branding, visitor stats, badging, social media connectivity, and press channels. Making use of each of these features of the member account ensures that your Artificial Turf Report profile is optimized for search engines and visible to your customers.

Will Artificial Turf Report remove or reorder bad reviews if a business pays for a premium membership?

No. You can’t pay for removal or reordering of bad reviews. although member accounts do have access to our Review Resolution Service that allows for the company to communicate with the reviewer that left a negative review. However, any negative reviews that are posted after a resolution attempt has been made are unable to be removed.

I’m considering legal action — what are my rights?

Negative reviews aren’t a fun aspect of running a business, and it’s even worse if you believe the review violates your legal rights. But any good legal advisor will tell you the truth: defamation suits are typically very expensive and challenging to win. Not to mention, these cases are usually public. There are countless examples of ill-advised lawsuits that hurt the business far more than helped.

Nor will you get far by bringing the Artificial Turf Report into the dispute since the Artificial Turf Report merely acts as a forum like any other where people can freely share their views. There may be rare cases when it’s appropriate to take legal action, but in most cases, you won’t get what you are looking for by suing someone who gives you a bad review.

What can I do to get more reviews for my company?

Glad you asked! The easiest way to get more reviews is to invite your customers, employees, or vendors to post their own reviews directly to the Artificial Turf Report website. This can be done by including your Artificial Turf Report Member or Verified Badge on your website, on your social media pages, on print materials (business cards, letterhead, flyers, etc.), in your email as a email signature, and on any other visible online space.